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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Five Bookish Things That I'd Like To Own

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Welcome back to:
A weekly feature created By The Broke And The Bookish
Currently featured on That Artsy Reader Girl

I had a hard time coming up with an interesting post of frequently used words in a genre of my choosing. So I decided to do a different theme:

This Week's Topic:
Top Five Bookish Things
(That Aren't Books) That I'd Like To Own

* All the pictures provided are mere examples. Sources are unknown. All images were found on Pinterest.

1. The book page comforter/ bed set. It's gorgeous and it proclaims my love of books that much louder;

2. A secret passage that leads to a library
and/or panic room in my house;

3. Forest wallpaper somewhere in my house;

4. Some sort of wall art or decal of a book quote;

5. A purse that looks like a vintage book

What bookish things would you love to own?
Let's compare wishlists in the comments below!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Book Review: Hail No By Lani Lynn Vale

Hail No
(Hail Raisers #1)
By Lani Lynn Vale 

Evander Lennox doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. At least, that is, until he’s sent to prison. The four years he's incarcerated, he’s had no choice but to do the things he's asked to do, when he’s asked to do them. And now, if he doesn’t, it will mean a one-way ticket straight back to hell.

Once he’s free, it takes him twenty-four hours to get his old job back, his dog at home where he belongs, and an understanding that people aren’t as forgiving as he once thought them to be. He’s just about given up hope of ever integrating back into society when a woman slams into his heart, literally and figuratively.

Kennedy Swallow just wants to belong somewhere.

When she was younger, her parents divorced, and chose to separate her from her twin. Fast forward fifteen years, and she’s finally getting to meet the family she’s always wanted to be a part of. To make that happen, she uproots her life and moves to the tiny town of Hostel, Texas—giving her almost everything she’s ever wanted.

Just when she thinks she’s making progress in winning her family over, she finds out that her twin is ill, and the only reason her family tolerates her is due to the convenience of having a free caretaker whenever they might be in need of one.

After a few eye-opening experiences, she quickly realizes that she’s being used. Vowing to herself that she’ll make the best of the situation, she begins to steel her heart. What she doesn’t prepare for is a man named Evander who sees that barrier as a challenge.

It takes Evander all of ten seconds while watching the woman on the floor, bleeding from her jaw, to realize that maybe life isn’t as bad as it could be.

This woman with her thrill for life, a crazy obsession with chickens, and a desire to be wanted, changes everything he thinks he knows.

But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that just by being around her, the people of the town have judged her guilty by association.

Her business suffers, and soon after, she realizes what it will mean to have him by her side—the loss of everything she’s worked so hard for.

Kennedy knows that Evander is worth it. Evander, however, decides that he’s not letting another person get hurt because he was stupid enough to care.
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My Review:

I've read a few other books by this author and I like her writing style. However, when the subject is this book all I can say is that it didn't do it for me. I had too many problems with who the characters were as a whole (personality wise) that made me despise so much of story.

Kennedy was a pushover and I learned to hate her halfway through the book. I don't understand why she would bend over backwards to help people that were obviously using her for their benefit only. By the end, she seemed to have learned her lesson and developed a backbone, but that was too late for me.

Evander started out being a misunderstood guy that the whole town seemed to love to hate. He's been to prison for a crime he didn't commit and at first, I thought he was very well adjusted with it all. Around the last ten chapters of the novel, he did a 180 on his mood and how he treated Kennedy. He became overbearing and domineering. I also don't understand how "I want babies with you" is the ultimate declaration of love according to the heroine.

The romance started off as a slow burn, which was what kept me interested in the story. Halfway through the book, the relationship was established and then it felt like the author started scrambling for another plotline. The vengeance storyline was resolved way too easily and had no suspense considering these are standalone novels and the book was almost ending.

My Favorite Quotes:

"My level of sarcasm has gotten to the point where even I don't know whether I'm kidding or not."

"Don't break anybody's heart. They only have one. Break bones instead. They have two hundred and six."

"Second best was what I always seemed to be, yet never wanted to experience."

My Rating:

Friday, April 20, 2018

My Ramblings: Genres I Won't Review & Why

Genres I Won't Review & Why

I've had an ever-evolving list of genres featured in the 'Contact Me' page of this blog ever since I started blogging. I've added and subtracted genres from that list for a while. It never occurred to me to explain why I won't review those specific genres. So here's the explanation behind that list:

1. Erotica
This is what most people think I read when I say I like reading romance novels. My dislike of novels in this genre is the lack of story and character development. In the past, I have picked up a few erotic novels that were categorized as paranormal to which I assumed it to be paranormal romance. After I read it, I would do a little more research into it and would find out that that specific author only wrote erotica novels. This genre has proven to not hold my attention and I've come to the conclusion that, for the most part, it just isn't for me.

2. Mystery
When I was in grade school I lived off of children's mystery books. To this day I still have the semi-complete (missing 2 or 3 books) series of The Adventures Of Mary-Kate & Ashley. It's not something I actively look for because it no longer interests me. There are exceptions, but those are few and far between.

3. Horror
I've "gotten over" my dislike of suspense/thriller novels, but I don't think I'm quite there with horror as of yet. I don't like scary anything. I've been through that phase in my early teens and I don't want to go back to that. I love paranormal romance because everything is romanticized and doesn't give me nightmares. I can agree with you when you say it's a silly fear. It continues to be something I don't want to read about in my spare time.

4. Nonfiction
When I think of nonfiction books I think of books I would usually have to read if I was taking college courses and whatnot. I've read my fair share of these types of books (obviously), but I don't see the point in reviewing them. Unless it's a subject I'm over the moon about I wouldn't have anything to add to the content. 

5. Adult Science Fiction
I have read a few sci-fi books in the past and have probably reviewed quite a few, but they aren't something I'm actively looking for at the moment. Most novels I've reviewed in this genre are from authors I've actively stalked followed throughout my blogging career and the exceptions to that "rule" are made when a synopsis interests me. There isn't much more to it than that.

6. Middle Grade
I never really had a phase where I wanted to only read middle grade novels. That's because I only figured out it was even a genre that I could pick from until I was halfway through my teens. I probably read, at most, 20 books in this genre before I figured out young adult was a thing. I never went back to it after that and I don't intend to.
Do you have a genre or two that you won't review?
What are they and why?
Let's discuss in the comments below!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Power Of Book Covers: Independence By Shelly Crane

They say don't judge a book by its movie...err...COVER. 
BUT they never said we couldn't PRAISE them.

This week's cover:

(Significance Series #4)
By Shelly Crane

In the fourth and final installment, Maggie and Caleb must tie up all the loose ends of their lives and make a way to be together completely on their own. With everything that happened with Bish and Maggie's father, she's almost reluctant to move on and move out. And now she must figure out all of this...stuff...with Haddock. But of course, nothing can stay simple for the Jacobsons. Enemies who were thought to be dissolved have decided to not go down so easily. And old flames come calling for more than just Maggie. Caleb is torn between leading his family and personal wants. Maggie is torn between Caleb and being the leader of their people. But neither will let what they need most to be pushed to the wayside. They are determined to make it all work, design a plan toward destiny, and make everything right again for themselves and their family.

And then there's a wedding...
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Blogging Confessions

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Welcome back to:
A weekly feature created By The Broke And The Bookish
Currently featured on That Artsy Reader Girl

This Week's Topic:
Top Ten Blogging Confessions

1. Coming up with discussion posts on a regular basis is hard. Some days are better than others;

2. Making time for scheduling posts and reading actual books is more complicated than I once thought;

3. Scheduling my posts ahead of time is the only way I can keep myself from drowning where my blog is concerned;

4. Reading slumps are impossible to deal with when you're on a deadline. Even worse when you only produce negative reviews for every book you read.

5. Sometimes the book wasn't that exciting and my book review will reflect that, unfortunately;

6. My level of pickiness in books have skyrocketed since I've created this blog;

7. I'll probably die with a mountain of unread books at the rate my TBR pile is going;

8. Classic books were never for me. I have no interest in them.

9. Regardless if I liked the book or not, I aim to be as polite and as cordial as possible when writing my review;

10. Comments make my day! :)

What's a blogging confession of yours?
Let me know in the comments below!
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